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Internet access improved in Iran, mainly on the back of higher internet speeds and the expansion of mobile internet (See Availability and Ease.The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to expand and consolidate its technical filtering system, which is among the most extensive in the world.It is not clear what, if any, penalties writers could face for online publishing deemed unacceptable.

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Several Iranian technology companies are now producing hardware and software products for use in the Iranian filtering system. 27 Domestically produced technology is currently used for filtering.Censorship also affects less controversial subjects such as fashion or certain online games such as Travian.Filtering in Iran is implemented by routing all public Internet traffic through proxy servers.The regulatory agencies in Iran charged with policing the Internet continue to expand.The testing results confirm that Iran has continued to consolidate its position as one of the most extensive filterers of the Internet.The vestiges of the ISP-based system, however, are still apparent: the source of filtering is evident by the blockpage that appears, which in some cases comes from the respective ISPs and in other cases from a standard blockpage issued by TCI.But in Iran, the government is pioneering a more insidious but just as powerful form of censorship.

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A later statement denied that this infrastructure would be used for tracking browsing habits and identifying users. 52.Prior ONI research reported the use of SmartFilter, a product of the United States based firm Secure Computing, for filtering Internet content. 24 Secure Computing denied any knowledge of the use of their products in Iran. 25 The use of Western technology was problematic both for the companies involved and for the Iranian government.The Persian blogosphere has been heralded as one of the largest and most active in the world.Several popular social networking Web sites are blocked in Iran, including and Prior to being blocked, Orkut was highly popular in Iran.

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Iranian technology is also used for searching the Internet for objectionable content and tracking keywords and links to banned Web sites, which are used by filtering authorities to make blocking decisions. 28 With the emergence of this domestic technical capacity, Iran joins China as the only countries that aggressively filter the Internet using their own technology.

The ministry of culture and Islamic guidance is in charge of checking books.A thoughtful interrogation of the idea of the doomed poet avoids ghoulish sensationalism.

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A higher proportion of Web sites in Farsi related to religious and minority rights are blocked compared to those in English.With the daily struggle to bypass the strict Internet censorship, many Iranians are still able to access all the online content they wish.

Internet Censorship: Iran Criminalizes Antifiltering Methods.A higher proportion of independent media Web sites in Farsi are blocked compared to English language content.

Iran is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that would, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of.It is unclear what the long-term structure of the filtering system will be.The number of active Persian blogs is estimated to be approximately 60,000—a formidable number of independent voices for a country accustomed to tightly controlling the press. 8.The SCRC issues guidelines to this committee and oversees committee members, which include representatives of MICT, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (MCIG), the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security and the Tehran Prosecutor General. 21.In the fall of 2008, ONI tested a sample of approximately 8,800 blogs, drawing the sample from those blogs in the Farsi blogosphere with the highest number of links to one another. 65 Of these, approximately 9 percent were found to be blocked by TCI.Censorship in Iran is the limiting or suppressing of the publishing, dissemination, and viewing of certain information in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To appear in Proceedings of the 3rd USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet, August 2013.

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Over the past eight years, the number of Internet users in Iran has grown at an average annual rate of approximately 48 percent, increasing from under one million Internet users in 2000 5 to around 23 million in 2008. 6 This rate of growth is higher than any other country in the Middle East.The popular Farsi social networking and independent news Web site,, was blocked in 2007, reportedly for a user-contributed post with a link to a Web site that included a rumor of the death of Supreme Leader Ali Hoseyni Khamenei.

This allows the employment of filtering software to target specific Web pages as well as the blocking of keywords.These regulations on Internet access speed were met with intense opposition, including a campaign to overturn the policy by members of parliament. 12 Reports at the time suggested that the restrictions would be lifted once more effective content control mechanisms were put into place.Blocking orders issued by CCDUS in May 2008 added many new Web sites to the blocking lists.The Revolutionary Guard has begun to play an active role in enforcing Internet content standards.The fair attracts nearly 5 million visitors, dwarfing international counterparts such as Frankfurt.Advances in domestic technical capacity have contributed to the implementation of a centralized filtering strategy and a reduced reliance on Western technologies.

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The Web sites of numerous international free speech organizations are blocked, including,, and The Web sites of Amnesty International and the OpenNet Initiative were not blocked in May 2009.Iranian Internet policies reflect a strong tension between the regulatory urge to reign in free speech and the promotion of innovation and economic growth supported by expanding access to information and communication technologies (ICT).Its director, Hossein Setareh, said it had published some 460 Iranian books since 2011, available on Google Books.Iran: Nuclear talks, arrests, censorship and. with various European and US internet. between Western countries and Iran, issues such as censorship and control.