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Finally, the Spirit of Fire is shown drifting through space with Flood onboard.Although the first firing of the Halo Array starved large numbers of the.It would be awesome to have a part where you push a button and able to do an action like throwing a hog at the big gorilla like abomination then smashing it with a gravity hammer for a final blow.

Yeah okay, I just thought, they were also present at the Human-Forerunner War.Basically, technology that makes Fore-runner hard-light munitions look like Cro mag spear sticks and muskets.Halo: The Flood is a military science fiction novel by William C.Also, yes, all the other Spartan programs are vulnerable to infection.

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That already exists in Halo Wars Oh, maybe it should be called the Flood Biomass Launcher.You know, the one where the Spirit of Fire reappears and is apparently infected by Flood, as well as about to crash into and infect a planet.These crystals are the ammo, and disappear as it is fired, like the Needler.If Flood guns actually happen, the reloading animations are going to be disgusting.

No not your race, the fact that your not is why I respect you.What about they bring the air players to multiplayer making a huge fight with so players that could be the promethin soldiers odsts or the elites and automotive the fights dramaticallty.I think it will be the flood, but a more advansed flood, this is probably why master chief will seek Mendicant bias later on in the campaign, to help humanity against the new flood, would be awesome to have 3 way battles again.

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If they bring them back, they need to fix the difference between how strong the Flood and Covies are.There must be more than just one Gravemind and who knows does Flood still lurks in remaing Halo rings.Another new form that has the potential to rip an elite in half with its huge claws that would be brutal even for the chief to handle.Top Rated Plus Sellers with highest buyer ratings Returns, money back Ships in a business day with tracking Learn More.

User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign.The Flood needs to return as well as bringing forth new Pure Forms to resignify the Flood as an actual threat once again.General B.H. wrote: wrote: Commander.conor wrote: Hope the flood do not come back I hate them and tehy are boring to fight.We are leaders on domestic and imported Halo Mega Bloks Flood items.


High Charity is technically a ship, but commonly referred to as a planetoid.There you have to defend a space station from incoming Phantoms.I guess, effectiveness of promethean weaponry, on the flood, is the same, like any other organic species.

The Flood characters only have melee weapons, but benefit over the Survivors in-terms of agility, possessing superior speed and damage.

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Yes, also Mendicant Bias was lost in the destruction of the Ark at the End of Halo 3, if you pay attention to the Terminals you will see the Contender Class Ancilla give coded messages, and if you play the encounter with the terminals backwards, you will actually hear audio from Mendicant Bias, Repenting towards Master Chief for his crimes against the Forerunners.

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You reload by merging crystals into the gun, letting it absorb them.

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HALO Flood Siege figs Grenadier, AA, Flood Elite Mega Bloks Construx your choice.Though I did like Halo 4, it did not appease my desire for Flood action.

No really, I originally thought a fire fight was when you try to put out a fire before it burns up everything and everyone in the world until I saw halo reach.Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.From game mechanics of Halo: CE, I can assure, that the Plasma Rifle is very effective, due to the fact, that it (in canon) burns bodies to slag.This would give the Flood the victory and plus why were there Spartan-IVs becoming Flood Combat Forms.I despise the Flood, they are brutal, horrifying things that should be cleansed.

On the hull, they were attacked by Jackals with space equipment, and there they lost James to the space, because his thrust jet did not function.Halo 3 Series 3 Elite Combat Flood Combat Human McFarlane Toys mint loose.It shoots out at high speed, and sticks or ricochets depending on what it hits.On top of that what about the flood forerunners they had to have survived halo underground during that big bang.If the weapons were so effective, Forerunners would have not been forced, to use the Halos.I mean, in Halo 3, you can tank just about anything short of Scarab, but you get DESTROYED by the Flood.

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OUT OF ME but thats what makes them fun shure there annoying but there in halo 4 so that gives then no reason why they cant be in halo 5 and the flood is still out there they have to make a return soon so halo 6 7 8 9 10 whatever however long halo out -whitch better be for like ever-.Because of that the covenant would never be formed then the entire halo saga.