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It really is very simple, I just didnt know what Essentials was.After deleting those it finds that 655 files still remain (mine were mainly in programs(x86).I searched the net for hours and every other persons solution didnt work.

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There is no uninstall in programs for Yahoo messenger. How to uninstall yahoo messenger.

Play with the Beta software to try it out and see if you like it or.I also dumped some bloatware from my new Asus laptop (using the fourth Revo option).Just got a new computer and I hate Messenger and live talk and all that -- this computer is for work.WLMUninstaller is the freeware MSN uninstall tool, remove Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger from your computer.

Hi there i knew the steps you have said to take already but they havnt worked for me.They love to be interrupted, and they like to bug their friends.I want this prog off my machine but ic annot find it in the control panel.

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I did as u said but at the end instead of saying removed it says the programme has has been installed.I have spent all morning tryin to unistall this rubbish which is slowing down my machine and couldnt find a way to do so until I read your advice.Leo: In case no one else has tried it, I thought I would update you on REVO UNINSTALLER and its succcess in removing Windows Live Essentials from my computer.Follow this step by step guide and learn how to uninstall it.

At the moment, Windows 7 is not allowing even the pop up list when I click on uninstall.Thank you so much for your clear explanation about getting rid of MSN Live Messenger.As with all Beta software, there may be problems and you may find yourself wanting to revert.While Live Mail is a lifesaver for me since I can easily check all my mail accounts in a sec (no problem ever in any version), MSN 9 is a total disappointment.I was doing this because when i ran MSN it told me I needed to upgrade, but the web installer wouldnt do anything as it reported it already installed.Answer If you do not find the app to be useful, uninstalling Dependency.Thanks for explaining how to get rid of that piece of extreme crap software.My computer freeze so often once i use the new window live messenger.

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I had problems with the WLM 2009 and with your step by step procedure i finally remove it.Great article - but the admonition against install Beta software is misplaced as MSN Live Messenger actually forces you to upgrade before you can use the program. Idiocy. What other program compels a user to update before it can be used.Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger.Hi, I would like to remove the Windows Live Messenger from my laptop.I too was haveing headache removing Live Essentials and Windows Home Server.Everytime is try to remove the Windows Live Essentials file it asks me for permision, I click continue and then nothing happens.Following your instructions I was able to get rid of it in moments.When i click on Windows Live Essential, black pop up came up for a second and then disappeared without showing me the Uninstall wizard.

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Now I already removed Windows Live Essentials, and I actually removed any traces of Live or Messenger I had on the computer, restarted, and it still says the same thing.

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It kept telling me I need to have admin rights to do this which I had.I am downsizing the contents of my notebook for optimum performance.After a bit of googeling I found your site and uninstalled it easily.Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.The eddsn path below worked for me to repair my Live Msgr 14.0.8089 install.No rocket sience in this article at all, I did all that as advanced users would normally do.

It comes pre-installed on Windows Vista installations and is therefore difficult to uninstall.I have been racking my brain to get the simple messenger back and it will not come up for me. one day i turned my computer on and instead of it just signing me on instantly like usual this different sign on box appeared and when i clicked sign in it asks me for a.net password using my email address.I myself find it suspicious, yet I see it mentioned near everywhere I look.I followed the advice of a friend who said that version 9 was great, and installed it.Great instructions many thanks, it appear someone had captured my live mail and sending messages (Porn stuff) in my name. so its gone, cheers.

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So I messenger to find us on ADD programs and remove us anywhere.