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I personally enjoy the Cloak and Dagger, as it allows me to get much more stuff done,.Nice that it can deal more damage, but you have to lose your disguise in order to have more damage.

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The enemy team pushed to our last very quickly but by biding my.What links here Related changes User contributions Logs Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information.With the Cloak and Dagger, you can shoot people to make your cloak go up faster, then hide while they go paranoid over the forever invisible Spy.The faster fire rate of the revolver helps you pick off low health enemies before they get away, the Enforcer sometimes feels like they can just get way.While the Enforcer can let you play Battle-Spy, it deviates less from the stock Revolver than any other Spy Secondaries.

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The extra cloak allows me to be more patient in getting picks.Male (Cloak) Female (Dagger) Species: Human mutates: Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D. Soon, Cloak and Dagger were recruited by Taskmaster to be members of the Thunderbolts.Find great deals on eBay for cloak and dagger comic 1989 and vintage wooden umbrella.

Takes longer to fire two rounds in succession than it would to reload between.Not to mention that the extra cloak time helps get behind enemy lines.Now with the extra cloak, I can run invis watch and move around the entire map completely unnoticed, chaining ammo drops along the way.

This is for spies who take their time picking their opponents and can annoy them by refilling their cloak meter with a couple of shots.This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a veteran, a girl, an IT guy, and a guy who hates everything.Like many good weapons in the game, it sacrifices damage for utility, and synergizes so well with every watch available (mainly the DR).

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And yes there is the added bonus of disguises and never dying.So while the asymptotic DPS increase of 4.4% is negligible, at the 3.48 second mark the Enforcer deals 20% more damage.

If you have been playing spy for a while, you should know how to use your cloak.Main page About Recent changes Random page Help FAQ IRC channel.It is sooo satisfying to take a pyro down with you as you burn.

Also, side note: Please try and spell out the correct full weapon name when you vote.Edit: rsmichaud was just correcting thecosmocosmo who then changed his comment.

I prefer to just battle it out if ive been found out and revolvers can be decent weapons.You have a lot of cloak available for you to survive and move longer cloaked. 15 seconds for invis watch and 9 seconds for the dead ringer will give you enough time to find another ammo box or get behind the enemy long enough to make your plans.Vintage Cloak and Dagger Level 95 Invis Watch Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive.Used to use it for the on-hit bonus: Chip at their health until you can feign again and escape.

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Start NPC Jakoh Wahcondalo - Kazham (J-9) Requirements WAR, RDM, THF, BST, BRD, RNG, NIN, COR, or.Cloak and Dagger find a child who is in need of their help and leads them to one of the greatest conspiracies in marvel history.Keeping the mobility of the invisi watch and being able to camp full ammo packs without decloaking is better than a damage bonus.

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Spycicle, letranger, cloak and dagger, and stock sapper if survival is top priority.Seeing how it shoots faster than the Primaries of other light classes, it gives you a stupidly high edge in 1v1 combat against these classes, as an assassination class.No matter about what people can think about me, I know who and what I am, and nobody can prove the opposite. — Metamorphosis Meta Ander.With this gun you have more cloak to maneuver and escape enemies.He was meant to be the perfect soldier, the ultimate sacrifice for peace.However, it does 2-shot light classes and is good for spacing your shots, so all is good.Meaning that you can pretty much guarantee a 2-shot kill on any 125 hp class at close range, though you have to wait 0.5 secs before the damage bonus kicks in.

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