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Before you dig in, I strongly advise you to read my original GRUB tutorial.This kind of error is common for Linux users trying to boot Windows and Mac partitions.

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You can then create test files and compare before committing changes.If you need to recover GRUB on systems with UEFI and GPT, then I have a complete separate guide for this.Some of the experiments were conducted on real physical systems, so some.

The easy way to accomplish it is: First, download and install grub.If this does not work, you will have to go through a much longer, more complicated procedure, as explained in.

Another interesting case is Mandriva 2010 and Ubuntu 9.10 dual boot.We will be seeing GRUB 2 in its major release version coming to.This is more similar to LILO than GRUB legacy, which allow editing the menu on the fly.Afterwards, we will customize GRUB 2 and learn how to recover from serious errors.

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You may want to use a beautiful image during boot rather than the boring blue one.

Locate your new menu entry stanza and determine its place in the stanza order.Like the grub.cfg file, they are not intended to be edited, save for.

Once inside Ubuntu, you can do a little trick if you want, that is, rerun the update-grub script.Today I am going to show you an easy trick to hide Windows from the GRUB2 Menu.Hide the menu interface 13.1.4. This command can be used only in the Stage 2, but not in the grub...Boot entries come from several sources - the default that comes with the distribution, other operating systems.After rebooting, we have this - I apologize for the uncomeliness.Compared to GRUB legacy, GRUB 2 is somewhat harder to use, as it requires familiarity and confidence working.Jaunty uses GRUB legacy, but it can be upgraded to GRUB 2, which.

Please note that the GRUB menu will not use background images unless these are enabled.Otherwise, if you plan on using GRUB 2 as your default, you need to do things the other way around.Your GRUB menu should be changed now and include a Chainload entry for GRUB 2 at.Use fdisk to locate the right root device, then mount it as before.Furthermore, whenever handling delicate tasks like the critical functions of the.

In this section, we will discuss several common multi-boot cases that the average user might encounter.After booting, you will see the menu (once again, excuse the ugliness).You are most advised to take a look at the following articles, reviews and howtos.