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In 2012, most of these VPNs got blocked, and I had to find a decent paid service.If not they will cancel your account and honer their full refund policy.Nonetheless email support is responsive within 2 hours and given many advices but still fails to get the speed up.China has blocked several popular services that let citizens skirt state.Besides using Hola, you can of course using a smart DNS service, like StrongDNS, to access Hulu. (If you live in a place where Hola is not blocked, you can using Hola only to access Hulu.I tried many, VPNSwiss was working for some time, JulyRush, using an SSH tunnel, fast, but stopped beginning of 2014.I dont know of any other VPN provider who is offering this kind of speed in China.I am also wondering which server do you guys connect to to get an ideal speed.Until 2012, the free VPNs were working (Packetix, CyberGhost, HotSpotShield, etc.), I only had to use them when in a different area (hotels, factories, airports, etc).

We like ClearVPN, their support is always helpful and can usually come up with a solution if you have any issues to get your up and running in the 7 day free trial period.I think one reason was because my ISP is suspicious of China IP addresses.I have tried an Android App called freebrowser that was working.I decided to try Astrill as a VPN and I thought that it would be easy to install and use even though I am not technically incline.

I then received a response that my account was terminated and not to create another, and still offered no explanation.Sure sometimes it got difficult connecting, but by retrying and changing locations (and connecting methods) it worked good, even when times that other VPNs been blocked here in China.I have been using Strong VPN for a 10 months and I am still using it only because I have already paid a 1 year subscription.

Astrill provides many VPN products for you to choose based on your requirements, such as personal VPN service, dedicated VPN routers and.My first two weeks, not matter if I connected to HK, Taiwan, Seoul, or the US, my speeds were horrible and impacted my business.

Astrill has a very long history of planting comments as well.

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In terms of service I was highly satisfied and in terms of customer support I was more than satisfied.Servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the US West Coast.Just sits there loading Full Review Christopher Wilson May 13, 2017 Since the app updated the login page never actually loads up.This service is not mandatory, 99% our customers are satisfied with basic service, but if you want something better, we have a solution.

Our comprehensive review will show you if Astrill-china is legit and whether it is safe.Moving to Hangzhou in July so of course, new situations may arise by then.I have used astrill and have lived here in China for 9 years.It is not possible to predict or detect what type of blocks are being implemented by your region or ISP at any time.She is currently paying money for a VPN that is slower than molasses. review. Astrill China reviews and fraud

Generally, VPN obfuscation is not available on mobile devices in China.

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Please remove the one as it is useless and just takes up my notification space.I completely agree Ms Charli, ExpressVPN has been useless for me in the last few weeks. Horrible. Useless.Also, 2 vpns that seems to work and not listed here are: Astrill VPN and Vypr.Fr ed Good VPN but bad application VPN service is good but Android application is NOT.As I stated in the article, the situation is China is very problematic right now — and it differs from teleco to teleco.

Most of the VPN services are banned in China and Astrill VPN is one of the few VPN services to work smoothly there.I have been reading up on everything trying to educate myself and your offer sounds lovely.We discovered that it is an excellent VPN with strong encryption options.In my opinion has a much better pricing (pay as you use) than all of these pay per month services.The easiest way to bypass Chinese Firewall is to use a VPN that serves China.I suggest you contact customer support and get your problem fixed.Not working at all for past few days Full Review Flavio Moser May 17, 2017 Astrill is one of the only VPN services providing reliable access to the whole internet in China.Full Review Sandeep agarwal December 2, 2016 What a useless app, open web will never work, half of time I face difficulty to just log in into the account in the app version.At your suggestion, I am trying VPN.AC for my Android pad and Private Internet Access on my Iphone.

I have: Astrill, VPN express, Open VPN, Green VPN, Hotspot VPN on my iphone and not a single one is working.Unfortunately, only PPTP for Android, and only one connection allowed.In my opinion and experience CyberGhost was very very very slow in China.

IF your VPN service used to work earlier and stopped working recently, it is probably because they were using Obfsproxy 3 and did not switch to Obfsproxy 4.I just returned from a five month trip to China and used Pure VPN for the entire trip.Astrill VPN app provides secure VPN connection using military grade encryption based on OpenVPN and OpenWeb protocols.I would be happy to ask her to check it out if you send a link the E-mail provided.