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Consult an IT professional to help you with this if this goes beyond your own knowledge.Having any form of redundancy in your drives, does not mean you can do without any form of backup.Make sure you limit the amount of tries a user authenticates.I read that you can reset the NAS from the drive itself and it will reset.

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In many cases errors will be caught and handled by the software.This kind of backup should protect you against tampered data that has been encrypted by some ransom ware.

One threat is more likely to happen than others, but even unlikely threats do happen.The most common type of data loss is a user that inadvertently deletes a file.The issues presented at Black Hat had not yet been fixed, so they can be considered zero-days, he said.There is no way to eliminate all risks, so you have to be prepared when a certain threat occurs.When a device on your local network is using a service from the internet, your router will replace the private return address of the traffic with your current public address. (And keeps track of it when the reply traffic comes in.) This process is called Network Address Translation or NAT.The added value for having a NAS is the ease to access it from everywhere.Cost can be in time to backup or size of the files to be backed up.You even have to think twice if you are willing to use your regular user account here.

In August 2014 all Synology DiskStations where under attack of ransom ware: SynoLocker.Use this to lockout any user that has to try more than x times in a time span of y.

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It uses a vulnerability that has been fixed by Synology in December 2013.Gui Ambros on 08 Dec 2012. read. If you have a Synology NAS and had some sort of disk crash in the past,.More recently, some Synology NAS device owners reported that their systems had been infected by a file-encrypting malware program called SynoLocker.Your Synology is provided with a firewall you can use to help to narrow the allowance of the traffics origin.You will not be the first who discovered at the moment the backups were needed the most, there is nothing to restore.

As soon as you make your DiskStation accessible from the internet, you are vulnerable to all sorts of threats.To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.Any other service log on page can be found like demonstrated above.The only defense you have against software flaws is updating your software as soon as there is an update version of the software.Another risk is that every time you use this account you have to enter your credentials.

A security review of network-attached storage (NAS) devices from multiple manufacturers revealed that they typically have more vulnerabilities than home routers, a class of devices known for poor security and vulnerable code.Synology user accounts are configured through the Synology DSM web.Your local network will be stretched over the internet to your device as soon as you have started the VPN connection.

After testing a total of 13 two-bay network-attached storage.Internet is made possible by using specific software on computers that uses a network to communicate.It is possible to select an application during the creation of the rule to let the wizard select the accordingly ports.Many standardized ports will have to pass 1:1 through your router.He expects the number of vulnerabilities identified in NAS systems to far exceed those he found in routers by the time his new project is over.That means the same vulnerabilities in a low-cost NAS device designed for home use could exist in a much more expensive NAS system designed for enterprise environments.

However what if you have only one disk for redundancy and two disks will fail shortly after each other.

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An unknown error will become sooner or later a known error, because the software reaches a condition that triggers this error.

If a rule that should be set is forgotten, access is simply denied and does not harm your security.There is always someone looking for opportunities to abuse your service or stealing your data.How many versions of a backup should be kept, should the backup always contain all files or do you want a full backup weekly and a day by day incremental or differential until the next full weekly backup.Through a VPN connection you still be able to gain access to those sources. (See also the VPN paragraph below.).