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Oxygen is bringing back the competition series later in 2012.And why Donna so damn nosey, she got corrected twice and was told to mind her business.She is foul for not talking to Cease but going to some random.And not learning the art of self control makes her a loose cannon.I love the personalities on this show, and the fun non traditional vibe of the shop, but the professionalism needs to raised tremendously.She came there bringing unnecessary drama in the first place.

When Tiff said some people are jealous of no one else reacted except Sky.I have never worked at any job where that would be acceptable, she would have been fired immediately for attacking another employee.Sky is a Looney toon but that comment Tiffany made about her kids was a low blow meant to provoke her.

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When Tiffany came there she was talking foul about Dutchess, which was childish and unprofessional.

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Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more.Last season the show delivered its best results yet averaging 2.2 million viewers.

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After weeks of tattooing and fighting for a spot in the Season 4 finale, the judges finally narrowed the.

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I think that Tiff girl rubbed her the wrong way since the beginning when she talked about dutch, got into like two fights and she had only been working there a few days.

Here are the latest details on the new season, including premiere date, time and TV channel.

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True, but Sky was also going for a management position at 113th.

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If Cease would have listened to another woman or man that said something about Dutchess, she would have blew up like a nuclear weapon.

Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pen - Arctic Currents (Winter 2017) This 2017 seasonal edition Edison Nouveau Premiere pen is made of a blue-black ebonite.And anyone and their mama can tell sky IS jealous of Tiffany.

Oxygen Media has announced that competition series Best Ink has been renewed for a second season.

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Awesome show love it, as a tattoo artist and a shop owner this show is actually better than ink master on Spike Tv.

Donna had no business judging Tiffany, like Donna has never had a fight in the shop before.Ink Master: Rivals is the fifth season of the tattooing competition series Ink Master that premiered on Spike on September 2 and concluded on December 16, 2014 with a.And not for nothing this girl has had 3 fights with 3 different chicks.Skye is erm whatever she does in the shop, while Tiff is tattooing celebrity clients.I wasnt gon say nothing at 1st but dat bitch made his mama look Latino lol i knew she was gon do dat.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum presents a viewing party for the Oxygen Network’s Best Ink Season 2 finale at The Lady Silvia hosted by one of the program’s stars.Im guessing bae felt like tiff left her only friend she might have thought tgey were closer then they actually were but i mean im not finna defend no bitch that wont even defend herself tiff got all that mouth but ran away so to me bae dont owe her shit.Lol I just commented this like that was super weird her talking about Cease betting his shop on her lies.INK MASTER Season 6 Premiere, Meet the Artists (VIDEO Preview).And the craziest part is all three fights Tiffany was in were literally not her fault.If she came in as the humble Tiffany, I think her experience would have been different.You left his ass for the millionth time was he supposed to sit around sulking.

Cease is not innocent by far because when he cheated on Dutchess and they broke up, he should have left it that way.If she ignores and stays out the bullshit she could easily upgrade and then you will see sky turn on her too.

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The network announced today that not only is it bringing Best Ink back for a third season, but it also is developing two more.

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The second season of the tattoo competition series launches later this year.

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