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HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD A child under 16 should never operate an ATV with engine size greater than 90 cc.If the indicator light does not carefully. come on, have a Yamaha dealer check the elec- trical circuit.

Ses Plus Belles Chansons (1988) dj Kriss Animations - Duration: 4:18. newdealprodj 215,578 views. 4:18.This ATV should not be ridden by anyone under 16 years of age.Here, we take a look at our favorite VPN apps for iOS, and discuss what to look for in your quest for privacy.Page 138: Valve Clearance, Adjusting The Drive Select Lever Safety System Cable.Our experts and community take a look at VyprVPN, to see if this VPN is right for you.HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Wait for the engine to cool before removing 1.

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In This ATV is equipped with a switch to change from this case, take the ATV to a Yamaha dealer at the two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive and vice-versa. first opportunity.Install the new oil filter cartridge with an oil fil- ter wrench, and then tighten it to the specified 9.

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HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Never operate this ATV on any public street, road or highway, even a dirt or gravel one.

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Remove the dipstick, and then wipe it off with a clean rag. 1. Maximum level mark 2.Disconnect the hose on the coolant reservoir cooling system with clean tap water. side, and then drain the coolant from the cool- 9.Check the sponge material and replace it if damaged. 1. Sponge material 2.Changing from four-wheel drive to differential gear lock or vice-versa while moving may cause the ATV to handle differently unexpectedly.Marie-Christine Adam is known for her work on Sous le soleil (1996), Priceless (2006) and French Kiss (1995).EBU25100 Recommended lubricant: Lubricating the steering shaft Lithium-soap-based grease The steering shaft must be lubricated at the inter- vals specified in the periodic maintenance and lu- brication chart.

Place the panel in the original position, and then install the quick fastener screws.WHAT CAN HAPPEN You could be burned by hot fluid and steam blown out under pressure.During operation WHAT CAN HAPPEN Always keep your feet on the footboards during op- Removing even one hand or foot can reduce eration, otherwise they may contact the rear your ability to control the ATV or could wheels. cause you to lose your balance and fall off of the ATV.Quick fastener Remove the nut, bolts, and quick fastener, and 5.HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Never exceed the stated load capacity for this ATV.

However, the spark plug should be tightened to the specified torque as soon as possible. 4.Differential gear oil checked and the oil changed as follows at the in- 2.To charge a sealed-type (MF) battery, a spe- cial constant-voltage battery charger is re- quired.ECB00640 CAUTION: To prevent accidental short-circuiting, turn off the main switch when checking or replacing a fuse. 2. Remove the blown fuse, and then install a new fuse of the specified amperage. 1. Ignition fuse 2.EWB00910 WARNING POTENTIAL HAZARD Carrying a passenger on this ATV.Remove the coolant reservoir cap. 8. After draining the coolant, thoroughly flush the 7.

Remove panel C. (See page 8-9.) 3. Remove the sponge material and the mesh 2.

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Buy VPN proxy anonymously with Bitcoin or purchase with Visa, MC, Amex, Alipay, UnionPay.This ATV complies with all applicable OFF-ROAD noise level and spark arrester laws and regulations in effect at the time of manufacture.EBU20430 Operating the drive select lever and driving in reverse ECB00170 CAUTION: Before shifting, stop the ATV, otherwise the transmission may be damaged.

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Applying the brakes or accelerating is not Skidding or sliding improperly.Install the oil level check bolt and oil filler bolt, and then tighten them to the specified torques. 1. Final gear oil Tightening torques: 2.Other accessories following points in mind: may also be available on the market.Be careful not to regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane.

EWB00750 WARNING POTENTIAL HAZARD Overloading this ATV or carrying or towing cargo improperly.Our experts and community take a look at TorGuard Anonymous VPN, to see if this VPN is right for you.EWB00950 Do not operate at speeds too fast for your skills WARNING or the conditions.In ad- CAUTION: dition, the final gear oil level must be checked and.Since heat and deposits will cause any spark plug to slowly erode, the spark plug should be removed and checked in accor- dance with the periodic maintenance and lubrica- tion chart.

Rear shock absorber assembly spring preload adjusting ring 2. Battery 2.EBU17720 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS EWB00010 WARNING Indicates a potential hazard that could result in serious injury or death.


Pull outward on the areas shown. 1. Panel F To install the panel Place the panel in the original position.