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Viber is the latest messaging app to turn on end-to-end encryption, but for those who want extra privacy, the service also now offers hidden chats.

Viber Follows WhatsApp Footsteps With End-To-End

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Messaging app Viber will join iMessage and WhatsApp in offering strong encryption as a default, the company said Tuesday.All Skype-to-Skype voice, video, file transfers and instant messages are encrypted.

Another Big Messaging App Joins the End-To-End Encryption

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Last Tuesday, Viber launched Viber 6.0. This newest version features end-to-end encryption on its app, following the lead of Apple and Facebook (via WhatsApp).

Viber Joins WhatsApp, Apple With End-to-End Encryption

The new encryption will cover text, voice, and group chats, and will work across mobile and PC versions of Viber.Viber has followed WhatsApp example and is the latest messaging platform to add end-to-end encryption for its users.

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End-to-end encryption means only the people communicating get to see the conversation.Popular messaging app Viber is rolling out end-to-end encryption across all of its apps on Android, iOS, PC and Mac.After WhatsApp, Viber introduces end-to-end encryption and hidden messages features Viber too has cashed in on the trend and has gone dark with end-to-end encryption.Having a profile photo on Viber helps your contacts recognize you quickly and easily,.

See latest Viber news and how it competes against competitor WhatsApp and other companies in its sector: Viber Goes the Encryption Route.

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Want to know how secure the end-to-end encryption methods of WhatsApp and Viber really are, and which is better.

Viber flicks on encryption, adds Hidden Chats feature

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If you are looking for some good messaging apps other than WhatsApp and Viber, then check this list of end-to-end encrypted messaging apps.What are the best apps which offer strong encryption to keep.

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Messaging app Viber rolled out its own end-to-end encryption update yesterday, following in the footsteps of its competitor, WhatsApp, and allowing users.Viber announced on Tuesday that it is rolling out end-to-end encryption to its messaging app (vers 6.0) across every one of its platforms -- Android, iOS.Our team at Viber has been working hard to give you more control over your private conversations.

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Viber is adding end-to-end encryption for its users globally over the next two weeks.