How does email get hacked

Now at home on a desktop, it continues, seemingly while I am online.I too have to leave my message that yes, I too have had my Yahoo Mobile Mail account used to send SPAM from places around the globe.BTW, I tried to find the link to view my login history and it is no where to be found.I have had to change my password twice as all my sent email addressee where spamed again.It seems far more likely that there is some exploit that allows hackers to crack passwords with brute force via mobile or messenger platforms.Pay pal was nice and on top of it, tracked the unlawful user and now I must prosecute.NO ANOMOLIES.yet Yahoo makes me change my password every friggin week.Very specific and explicit so someone gained access and targeted a contact.Make sure you read the earlier posted messages for additional security tips.

They somehow got my credit card information and I started getting random charges from iTunes Luxembourg S.r.l. I called my credit card company and they sent me a new card.This can sometimes be a different location than what you are normally based in.The hacker sent an e mail to all my contacts saying that I lost my money and all my credit cards so i need money immidiately.Within 12 hours of replying, the phisher has sent an email to all of their contacts with a story about being in a foreign country and in need of money to get home.It may have been coincidence that these showed up after I had legitimately logged in from Spain (I am a UK resident), but I suspect not.Sending spam emails to everyone on my contact list, all the while having control to see my emails.My password is a series of random alpha keystrokes and a few numbers, so pretty strong.

Bottom line is Yahoo is getting hacked and keeping it real quiet.I tried to change password but no luck with multiple attempts such that Yahoo froze we out for 24hours.

Highlight this and insert it in your address bar and hit ENTER.Summer: Thank you for providing us the details of your issue.Hi all, I just realized that my yahoo account has been hacked.My account has been hacked four times within the past two months, but the only thing that has happened is they changed my password.

From there they were able to hack my iTunes account which had my credit card information stored.As mentioned before, this may be an issue with Android phones in general.

Most of the new-improved version changes are eye candy that I am not interested in.I cannot see what devices are currently logged into my mail account, or how can I see this.This happens when you list your email address publicly online — in places like forums, online ads, blogs, etc.Many people use the same email and password to login into different web sites.

5 Steps To Fix Your Hacked Email Address

Changed the password hopefully that will work, also accessed via mobile in japan and poland.Hi my yahoo email was hacked two months ago and I just found it two weeks ago.I do not chat on any messenger but for precaution, my settings blocked anyone not on my messenger list and my list is empty and STILL I HAD all these pending adult xrated conversations accumulated which I reported to yahoo.

I think getting a twitter account is something the email provider did, they all want you to do the FB thing etc.I have a personal Gmail and a Yahoo account for university emails.but I have preferred Yahoo till recently.Does this mean my email account has been. you might not be able to access your account if you get hacked. Sign up for a BreachAlarm Email Watchdog.I am living a nightmare, not only was my yahoo account hacked 8-10 times over the past 5 months, I know ther person that is doing it, have the ip address and cant get yahoo to send me my login info for the past 5 months, I can only access the past week or so.

Funny thing is that even though I removed the old RIM account from my secondary email list, it still appears as an option when an attempt to reset password is tried.I changed my country and it does not let me access my mail box.So you may want to think about setting up some fraud alerts with the credit agencies.I maintain accounts on both Yahoo and Gmail, but made it a priority to conduct all of my business on Gmail for this reason.But other than that, not much has happened with my Yahoo messenger.I just have to remember to remove it before sending out any emails.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to come back and chat with us at any time.I deleted all my contacts, password changed, second verification added.

Simple tips to avoid getting hacked - Jun. 13, 2014

Summer: You can also go to our security center to learn more about protecting your online security and Yahoo.

woke up this morning and my steam - GameSpot - GameSpot

I unfortunately use Yahoo Discussion Group services, so will have to keep my account for that access.I have had yahoo for like 15 years, and yesterday morning my email started sending out emails to everyone in my address book.

To avoid this, you should only ever connect to reputable networks that you trust and which are password protected.I suspect that is the problem since a while ago, upon logging into my yahoo account, I received a few notifications stating that I have been logged out of my Yahoo messenger since I logged in a different location.However, I logged off of my mobile app on my android phone and uninstalled it, and for a while (a good few weeks) I had no incidents with my email.